The dojo waryu is the combination between 30 years of practice and passion for the japenese martial arts for his founders Olivier and Soraya Valleret. Their wish is that every new trainee are more than welcome within the dojo. No matter time of the year and no matter the level. This, thanks to a very specific timetable. But more than anything, they want everyone of their student to find in this venue a singular space of personnal realisation and technic progress based on everyone skills and ability in a way to be in line with trainee’s ambition. Within the school, you will find the following course : – Adults (Novice and Advance) – Children (Ninjas and Samourai) – Master Class – CQC and Specific Training for help-instructor or Instructor.


Olivier Valleret (Shihan 6th Dan) is the Co-founder of Dojo Waruy. 30 years of practice in martials arts such as Judo, Karate, Savate French Boxing, Aiki-jitsy, Ken-jutsu, Iai-do, Aikido. He is still training himself as often as he can. Specifically in Japan. Thanks to many years over the tatamis is is teaching approach is both efficient and pleasant. He gained this philosophy thanks to many years of practice but also by combining his passion with a French degree as a sports trainer. Besides, his current job as a driving teacher in Switsserland helps him every day to improve his skills in learnings . This way he can use it when he is training someone to the martial arts.

Soraya Valleret (Shihan 6th Dan) is a co-founders of Waryu Dojo. She begins the martials arts at 4 y.o and since then, she never stops practising her passion. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience with people. When she is not on a tatamis, Soraya is a physiologist. That gives her all the ability and skills to ensure her courses with children to be well adapted to their ages and developpement. The litttle trainees can flourish and express themselves with martial arts techic by respecting their bodies.

The great moral Japanese values of the Bushido code:

  • COURAGE(勇, Yū)


  • RESPECT(礼, Rei)

  • SINCERITY(誠, Makoto)

  • HONOUR(名誉, Meiyō)

  • LOYALTY(忠義, Chūgi)






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